Ultimate security meets seamless collaboration

A distributed communication network for corporate, public sector, and private use


Enterprise-level security

With a full set of corporate controls, Express guarantees complete control and sole ownership over communication for Customer.

Security features

  • On-Premises or Private Cloud customer controlled messaging server.
  • 3 layer encryption, with End-to-End, User-Server and Server-Server layers.
  • Encrypted mobile storage.
  • In case of loss or theft, Bomb feature completely wipes full Express mobile database.

Administration and user management

For enterprise Customers, we provide options ranging from one-click server deployment, to complex installation into multi-circuit security environments.

  • Native integration with LDAP | SSO.
  • NTLM or e-mail user authentication.
  • Different consoles for different administrator roles *
  • Separately created corporate messaging archive *
  • Usage statistics and analytics.
* To be released in Dec’2018

Trusted B2B connections

Express leverages its global federated Network of servers allowing all users to securely communicate to each other.
Additional encryption layer on a Server-Server part of the route makes any data including user’s metadata inaccessible from the "outside".


Intuitive user experience

The same intuitive and interactive interface as some of the most popular consumer messenger you already know and love.

Improving productivity

Channels: Customer owned channels, completely synchronized with Exchange distribution lists.
Slack-alike Workplaces: Dedicated spaces for common access to files and docs for improved collaboration.
Actions: Built-in common work features fully integrated to Customer’s workflow (meeting request, live location share, task assignment, checklist etc.)


BotX platform

BotX platform goes far beyond regular chatbots. Users can request reports from ERP and CRM, approve contracts in DocFlow, and use AI-powered features to handle complicated scenarios.

Corporate integrations

With Express on-Premises or Private Cloud server inside Customer’s corporate perimeter, integration to business systems is completely safe.

Mobile approvals

Get approval requests via mobile push notification and make business decisions anywhere, anytime. Safe interact with business systems with Express secure protocol.
Use built-in Express digital signature or integrate with trusted certificate authority.


Notes to actions transformation

Streamline workflow with BotX integrations and Express actions.
Let routine functions being run by bots.

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