eXpress enterprise messenger

Combines the functionality of a classic messenger with extensive capabilities for secure enterprise communication and teamwork.

  • Highest enterprise security level
  • Available for all popular operating systems and mobile devices
  • Enterprise-grade platform deployable on a customer’s servers
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Welcome to eXpress

Almost 1 000 000 corporate users and 11 companies from the TOP-20 of RBC 500 are already with us. Join us!

CNews Awards 2021

Enterprise Mobile Development Innovation Award

CNews Awards 2023

"VKS of the Year" Award

GlobalCIO 2021

Project of the Year Award (Atom Space)

TAdviser IT Prize 2022

Corporate Mobile App of the Year (Atom Space)

TAdviser IT Prize 2021, 2022

Enterprise Messenger of the Year

Easy to communicate and easy to work

All of the communication and file exchange features that we are accustomed to
Advanced functionality for corporate users — tags, threads, enhanced privacy, and a lot more
  • Use your own sticker packs
  • Reactions
Conferences for 250+ participants with cameras and microphones enabled
Contact search by job title, company, domain, name or assigned tag
Enterprise information in the user card (phone, email, company, job title, unit, manager), list of common chats, enterprise server, user contact (routing)
A tagging system for sorting and quick search for contacts, chats, channels and individual messages
Enterprise channels, a contemporary alternative to emailing, can be joined by employees automatically, or they can be invited via mentions and links
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Enhanced privacy mode

Timer for the automatic deletion of messages and files

After sending or reading, from 1 minute to 1 month

Mobile-only restriction

Messages and files are not accessible from Web/Desktop sessions

Files open exclusively inside a container

External applications are not used

Ban on copying, forwarding, saving

Detection of screenshotting and screen recording attempts

Level of information processed: confidential (confidential information / commercial secret / for official use only)

Data security is our priority

  • User authentication via 3 independent channels
  • Encrypted data storage (crypto container)
  • Remote data deletion from client devices (e.g. if an employee has lost their phone or leaves the company)
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Your advantages with Express

  • Enhanced data protection

  • A single window of Smart Apps business applications

  • In-house federated deployment

Corporate Messenger eXpress — a combination of functionality and security

In modern business, it is important to have an effective means of communication that unites the team and ensures the security of the transmitted data. It is here that eXpress enters the scene. This innovative solution allows you to combine the unique functionality of a classic messenger and powerful tools for secure and effective corporate communication, providing the team with unsurpassed opportunities in the field of communication and interaction. Thanks to its robust architecture and advanced encryption technologies, a corporate messenger on its server guarantees security. All messages and files transmitted via the messenger are protected and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. This allows companies to share sensitive information without worrying about possible data leaks.

Ease of use on various platforms

Regardless of whether you are using Android, iOS or Windows, you will be able to easily install and configure the eXpress mobile app on your device. This allows employees to be always in touch and to respond promptly to important issues and tasks, even while out of the office. In addition, the corporate messenger eXpress is also available on desktop platforms. You will be able to use it via the web interface, regardless of whether you are behind a work computer or on a laptop. Flexibility and ease of use on various devices make eXpress an ideal choice for modern companies.

Enterprise class platform for custom deployment

  • eXpress is an Enterprise class platform that can be deployed on the customer's servers. This means that the company has full control over its messenger, including data and settings. This is especially important for companies that strive to ensure a high level of confidentiality and comply with the rules and information security policies.
  • The acquisition of the corporate messenger eXpress is a profitable solution for your company. It provides reliable means of communication, ensures the security of transmitted data, works on various platforms and allows you to configure deployment on your own servers. Don't miss the opportunity to improve communication efficiency and make the team's work more productive with the help of the eXpress corporate messenger.